Ride and Stride 2013

Dear Supporter of The Ride and Stride
I am sorry that we are somewhat late with circulating the information about this year’s R and S on
Saturday 14th September.  We aim to let you have your information packages in the near future, using much of the documentation from last year which is still on our webpage and is being updated.  Fortunately, this year we have the support of Claire Ragg who will bring the administration of the R and S together and you can contact Claire on  claire@everythingbutthetea.com.
We will soon be sending you an update of what has been happening over the past year in terms of grant giving and organisation development.  You will understand that the needs for investment in our churches and other places of worship continue to grow.  Demands on public giving have also increased so we have been most fortunate with the sums which Riders and Striders have raised over the years.  Last year you managed to raise in excess of £10,000 plus gift aid contributions.  This has allowed us both through direct repayment to the churches and through grant giving to help many of our churches to undertake important works. 
Thank you once more for all that you have done.  Please tell friends, family and work colleagues about this years R and S and let’s work to raise more money than last year.

Kevin Bond ( Chairman)